codestalkers has been creating independent video games since 2012.

Hello! I'm Jordi RG, a developer from Barcelona, Spain.
codestalkers is my one-man developer operation. I'm a developer with 10+ years of software development experience, a gamer and RPG fan.

I designed and developed Korgan (Xbox One), Rogue: Beyond The Shadows (Android) and Everland: Unleash The Magic (Android).

On codestalkers I take almost all roles on a full development cycle (excluding 3d art, animation, music and texturing) when creating games, this gives me absolutely freedom to create anything I have on mind.

As I said above, I don't do 3D art, animation, texturing nor music. All the 3D art, animations, textures and music on my projects is work created by third-persons. My primary role is programming, but being only a single person doing entire projects there is a lot of different things to do in order to get a full game: project management, integrate and optimize 3D models, lightmapping, UI design, game story, AI, quests, items, skills, npc's, conversations, pathfinding, occlusion culling, usability, multi-language support, memory optimizations, benchmarking, testing, ... and a huge list of everything you can imagine to make a video game a reality from conception to production. This is a lot of time consuming and requires a lot of discipline and dedication — always it's an uphill battle, on the other hand it's highly rewarding when all the work is done.

I develop games with Unity, C++, C# and Java. I love creating beautiful things that people will enjoy playing! :-)